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Jonathan Archer from Enterprise. That was a tribute to my favorite actor Scott Bakula. I've never written it but I. a popular way that writers show their enthusiasm for their favorite books, characters, authors, and even comic strips, films, and television shows. fanfictions out there, which always makes me giggle. My personal favorite is Wicked by Gregory Maguire. However, I do love fanfiction.
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Anyone agree or disagree? Why? I could argue for a favorite; but, "Frankly, My Dear,....". Sorry, couldn't pass it up. . This is not my favorite genre. However I did enjoy Mount Vernon Love Story: A. Count of Monte Cristo is one of my top 5 favorite books of all time. The greatest historical fiction novel of MY.
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My most favorite author by far is Ted Dekker! I love how he can write in such a way that gets you thinking but then also makes you nervous and ever scared at times. I love his writing style. I'm think my favorite book(s) by home would have to be thr3e and house! Most favorite author at the moment is definitely rachelle meed absolutely loving vampire academy. I have many favorites but the ultimate would have to be maeve binchy. She makes you love her characters with no sex and no swearing or filth of any kind. I usually like a little raunchiness but her sheer writing genius negates the need for any of that. Read maeve and you're hooked, guaranteed!
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Tell me your favorite author and why? If you have more than one that's ok too! What is your favorite book by that author? Duplicated topic. Please post to this thread: Favorite Author?
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