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Current favorite ice cream flavor! It makes me want to read books set in New Orleans, cook red beans and rice and.
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I would like to read books about technology like the cutting edge
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One of my favorites; thanks to my predilection towards reading books on philosophy and mysteries of life. Written by Paulo Coelho, .
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Tea or coffee while binge watching series, doing assignments or reading books. Always with milk and I enjoy them after dinner at.
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Hi, I'm Brazilian and so my mother language is not English. I have a reasonable understanding and I already can read books and long texts. However, my knowledge of grammar is terrible and I have great difficult with verbal tenses. Then I like you could indicate a good grammar for my study. Thank you, and sorry for the bad English. lol ..no your english is good ..my mother tongue is Arabic and my father is english.so if you have the intention of learning english then you can do it easily.i think english is one the easiest language of the world.That's why it is very common in the world. I presume you mean widespread lol sorry my mistake .i was in hurry
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