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YOU? I usually look at the summary when I'm choosing a book to read. The cover often helps me to decide. that I am part of this site, I choose the books that have good reviews. I've not been disappointed so far. I. . through this I have known new good authors. I always choose book by title and I always trying to read short content. not. Thanks. When it comes to C.S Lewis - I choose the book because of the author - love his work. My public. was giving away books and I choose books based on their cover and name I choose not to read erotica so books with steamy romance. in blind a lot. I usually find books based on word of mouth or Goodread reviews/ratings, so I use those the. good description makes me more likely to start reading. I choose books by reading the summary but the title is what gets.
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Written...and you're there for eternity...Good suggestions for choosing books though. I get titles from all sources then keep them. same author and choose a different book such as the "Gary Paulsen" book series and another method is choosing a random book off a highlight. special book rack that others chose as. have horrible problems picking out the next book I want to read. Before I started reviewing books, It was a lot easier. Just. I've made. It's a good article. I always choose books by the synopsis. If it sounds like an interesting story. 't, I don't. Unless I'm choosing a nonfiction instructional type book, then I choose by the amount of instructional knowledge that.
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