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Dedicated to the protection of Davinas (practitioners of white magic). Now, Bernadette Pendragon, leader of a billion-dollar cosmetics . company and a Willa (practitioner of dark magic) has her sights on world domination, and her niece. of a modern-day setting, magic, and historical detail. Toss in some great emotions, fun humor, and a dash of . , I'll have to check it out. Thanks! Crime, magic, Witches Protection Program. Sounds like an interesting mix. I. book because of its storytelling and interesting take on magic. Thank you for the great review! I was intrigued. a punch from the start, a medleys of humour, magic, romance and intrigue grabs the reader. This review is. am interested more than anything..that to with crime,magic,and love.. oppss The title caught my attention I.
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To claim any part that suites your fancy 3) HAVE FUN!!! Magic Window: BC Admin =========================================== Genres for the project: children, fiction, Inspirational.
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!) annnnd the first book in that series is free (Reckless Magic) if you use an eBook app or eReader The Belgariad. is fantasy Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy is incredible, really fun 'magic' system, interesting world Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix... is like. , the best thing ever. Very fun magic system, and the coolest world ever, and I love the.
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