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Mind Blowing. I don't know of any truly universal life changing books, these are just personal opinions. buckley's pretty cool. . to some of you, but the Harry Potter series changed my life. I'm actually a very avid reader and have. 't even know you had. I'd call that life-changing without question! Good for you! The Lord of the . every author DREAMS of hearing. I think Harry Potter changed my life a bit too - it brought me my imagination back. I can't say that I have ever had a book change my outlook, values, or beliefs, nor would I expect . am not that easily swayed, or I might have a life changing experience from watching an episode of Fear Factor Peter . about what religion can truly be. Every moment in life can change your life, often quite unexpectedly. Something profound or something simple, .
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Have you ever have a certain book change your life? How did it change your life, and what part of it changed your life? The Screwtape letters, by C.S Lewis. Duplicated topic
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