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To follow. After using our student ID's to get inside the ball park for a discount, we grabbed some . about getting food with Ian. I strain to hear music inside. I hear nothing, just the sounds I make removing . m about to go through the billfold of a killer. Inside the leather folds, I find some cash, a military . A screech of anguish, heartache, and maddening anger boils up inside me. “I hate this!” I yell, throwing the empty . urge for violence and the unwillingness to hurt Ian warred inside me. “We need to talk,” Ian says. He put . dark about a few things.” Chapter 9 Ian explains, “A secret military science operation, that paid the subjects and their family. genetically engineered.” His thumb rubbed back and forth across the inside of my palm. “Your birth parents were part of the.
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Published... How do you know this?? Do you have some insider secrets?
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It makes us, as readers, feel a part of the inside secret. In the diner that is a common setting in the.
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