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Joe Wright is one of my favorite directors. His adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and Atonement. One of my fave books is Ian Mcewans Atonement. I read it before seeing the movie and prefer it to . you don't ever want nasty scummy Hollywood to get her claws on your favorite read? If they ever make a movie out. added some cajones to the character. I haven't read the book. Now I'm not sure do I . on a book, I tend to go out and read it to compare. The movies hardly ever seem to . book and rushed through a book I was already reading so that I could begin this one. Only 50 . pages in, but it's a good read so far... Shawshank Redemption. Movie adaptations have really improved. . by Arthur C. Clark, its one of my all-time favorite books. Just remember, SyFy are the entertainment geniuses who .
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