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Thought it would be. Who really is the bad guy? Are they all bad guys? How can the world really be fixed. was so upset with the ending. And how it was handled by the other characters. Ugh. I agree with Dani226 in. rather fed up. I also thought that the surviving characters handled it well. I mean, Tobias kept being kind of sulky. Shayna, I'm curious why you thought the ending has handled badly by the characters. It's also possible I'm forgetting. hadn't been given a voice. Roth is a good writer but I think she really wanted to do a dystopian. pure"? Basically Divergent were human being labrats for someones elses experiment with genetics. Half of the book was quite boring. Who. the comments that the life outside the fence was really under developed. Nevertheless Veronica Roth is a great writer and I'm.
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