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Series a few years ago, but I don't remember very much about them. Do you think that they are worth re-reading. ? Edit: Corrected spelling of author's name Definitely. I have read the series multiple times, though. of this book series. This is one of my favorite series. If you have never read this series, the best way . I, personally, am very fond of this series Well It is definitely worth re-reading if you don't really remember . I will re-read the series as soon as am done with the "books-to-read" shelves. Definitely worth re-reading. I'm . I can say that it's definitely worth it! I loved this series! I listened to the audiobook versions of. trying the Pendragon series, the Percy Jackson series, the Kane Chronicles, or the Septimus Heap series. I read all the books .
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Her relationship with Will and Jem, that alone made this series worth reading. Clare also had a great plot line that was not. only amazing as a stand-alone series, but really meshed well with. the Mortal Instruments series. For those who have read Infernal Devices first, I don't think it really. matters what order you read the series in because Cassandra Clare is just that awesome. But. when you do read the next series you'll be able to make some connections. Clockwork. just my opinion! I found this series first before I discovered Mortal Instruments. I almost read this series first, but all my friends.
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