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Going on in The Hunger Games. Although similar, my opinion is that The Hunger Games executed perfectly what the Divergent series only attempted to . movies of the Divergent series better than the movies of The Hunger Games series. I loved both of these, but Hunger Games took the lead . that there just wasn't enough to the Divergent series. In the Hunger Games, Katniss lead the story-line very well. Her . turn out much better that way. I have read the Hunger Games Series countless times and have completely fallen in love with . feel immature and elementary compared to the Hunger Games. Over all the quality of the Hunger Games Series, in my opinion, is simply better . than the Divergent Series. To try and compare these two.
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I read the full series of both, The hunger Games and Divergent, and I am all in favor of The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games, they still remain. both of them now have movies made. I read the hunger games series first and realy loved them. The writing style, the whole. intricate. I loved it a lot too, better than the hunger games series actually. The whole storyline was better explained and the whole. also a little more than the hunger games series and there is no love triangle like in the hunger games series. All in all, i loved. both the series and would highly reccomend them both. But. else's enjoyment. I lean more towards Hunger Games. I loved the Divergent Series but the Hunger Games felt more real to me. The deaths.
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