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Are never exposed to the discipline. Also, many teenagers spontaneously write poetry. Dorothy Sayers called the teen years "The Poetic Stage" of. with the desire for self-expression. Granted, most of the poetry they write is going to be inferior and self-absorbed ... but. a powerful meaning. In that case, I believe anyone can write poetry because anybody who admits they don't have emotions or. but many states already have poetry somewhere in the curriculum. I do think that taking a creative writing class should be required. ^ I. spell, as long as it's close enough so someone reading it knows what they meant. Even worse -- my sister teaches. . Just a simple intro course where the teens learn about poetry and write their own basic poems following certain guides. There will.
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Didn't consistently have a book that I was reading or even read a book for fun on a monthly basis. . in keeping a journal and then in high school began writing poetry. Reading, for me, really became a regular occurrence while I . glad I have decided to start reading again. I love to read books! Sometimes I read books all night long. I love. ! -- 24 May 2016, 19:28 -- I love to read books! Sometimes I read books all night long. I love it so much. helped by teaching me how to read. I love reading mostly fictional novels. Always loved reading and writing. I remember the smell of . rough childhood. Yep. Since I was first taught to read I've read books and haven't stopped devouring them since . them. As soon as I knew how to read, I was always reading and laughing, I especially loved the pictorial books.
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I think teenagers who want to write poetry will always write it. A lot of us discovered poetry more or less by accident, . all teenagers should be given the tools to write poetry. The art of poetry is extremely important. Especially in this time and. children should read poetry and we shouldn't wait until a child is a teenager to teach them to write poetry. When learning. whole. i totally believe teenagers should learn how to write poetry...man has expressed their ideas, culture, and lifestyle through. iPod needs a battery AND YOU WANT ME TO WRITE POETRY ? Got bigger problems on my mind They smack of . , I must be free." AND YOU WANT ME TO WRITE POETRY ? The skateboard tourney is next week To be champion . this is to be BUT YOU WANT ME TO WRITE POETRY ? Take out the trash and mow the grass Wash .
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