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War. Excited to read this one! Congrats on BOTD! A book set during WWII seems to be interesting. Thank you . making character motivations evident. Thanks for the introduction to the book! The first thing that got me enthralled was the title. the Last Soldier here. This is not a kind of book I would love to read but this review did . to the reviewer. Kudos. Definitely not fit for my current mood. Book is described as quality writing, but storyline revolves around way. for review and congratulations with BOTD! I like that this book focuses on a spy amid the german gestapo. It'. When I saw "WWII historical fiction" I immediately thought "another book about the holocaust" but it turns out that that'. not super familiar with the Channel Islands I think this book would be a particularly good one for me (so .
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To Jakespeare: I'm definitely a "mood in the moment" person. When it's dark and cold . the songs are extremely mellow and get you in the mood for a good semi dramatic love story. I read Thomas. "White Fang." For me, whatever music I'm in the mood for usually goes. Heck, I kept the soundtrack of "Charlie. like to find a piece that really fits the mood of the book I'm reading at the moment. Sometimes that's.
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A while. I can live a thousand different lives through books, ones that could never possibly happen in real life. . to create alternative paths in my mind while reading a book, making it more entertaining hahahaha. Also, as many others . absolutely LOVE reading. Especially when it comes down to ya books. Paranormal romances. All that sweet stuff. I can't . is one reason why you choose books you want to read to go with your mood! Books just pull you right inside them. ! So many people say, "Why read the book when the movie. cases) a vivid imagination. I feel rewarded after finishing a book I enjoyed or learned from; for me that's . the main incentive for continuing to read. I found books very entertaining even more so than movies. Each good .
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