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I used to love them. Little Women was a sort book too. Classics are rejuvenating! A lot of Jane Austen. is still a concept people talk about today. Classic books and their ideas, concepts, and morals will never die. the author in the construction of the book. Most of the books chosen are excellent examples of the mechanics . exposure to classic literature as well as WHY these books have historically endured. Things like metaphor, climax, denouement, and. character analysis are best illustrated by having a book which clearly and effectively demonstrates them rather than simply. and relatable to me personally now. I think classic books, such as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Oliver Twist. think if you look hard enough, many books today will have some sort of allusion to classics. I also like.
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F Scott Fitzgerald I know the symbolism behind their books, I spent a lot of time studying the themes . either author. I just feel so depressed after reading their books. And I've read plenty of writing about misfortune . my hatred of his books stem strongly from the fact that he rights terrible (occasionally rip off sorts) books for young readers. . It’s just sort of insulting how subpar the development . revolution. 50 Shades of Grey was a ground breaking book because it opened that door to the fairer sex. . all about but.... Jo Nesbo for me, tried several books but couldn't get into them. Patrick Rothfuss owes me. after reading it! Anyways I cant stand Jane Austen books. Just nope they do nothing for me. That would .
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To keep organized by subject. I'm always torn between sorting books by color and the author's last initial. Somewhat organized. try to keep them organized by genre and by placing books by the same author together. I have a general . someone exactly where to reach over and find a particular book. My bookshelf is extremely unorganized and a lot of . cleaner otherwise alphabetical by author. I only keep hard cover books in my collection. greeneyedlady Mine is organized by subject.... . office room. Alphabetical by author and if I have multiple books by one author, they are together by series. If . title. And yes, I know when someone moved a book lol My book shelf is organized by Author and then by . fantasy at the other. Then by author. And then by book series. Makes everything so much easier to find. I .
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