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My poems' was published. Anybody else have published poetry? I am working on having a poetry book published Not poetry, but in grade. 8, I had a short story published. Back when Poetry Library published. their anthologies every year I had one published, around 1996 or . so. I've just recently published my first collection of poetry though. My sixth grade teacher tried to. get me to publish one of the . anything. One day though, I hope to be published. Working on a few poems that have some. own endeavors. I've self published quite a bit and run a poetry blog where I post my .
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Under the heading "Book Publishers". It will list dozens of publishers and you can scroll down and see which publish poetry. Then send a query. email or letter to those publishers. You should of course include. of literature, who's had 8 or 9 volumes of poetry published, so it can be done. You just have to persevere. at all. However, your initial post deals with getting your poetry published in book form, right? There's 2 ways to do. take some time to send queries to professional small publishers who do poetry. Or, if all you want is to share your. you definitely gave good advice! If only there's self publishing for poetry. I would like to do it. I mean just.
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