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All were religious men that practiced their faith, despite the rough life that they were given. They all wanted a better. his life when he got out. These men all showed strength among adversity and an inner drive to succeed. Most of. the story. The best part of the book was the strength of the friendship bond these men shared. Although I struggled. who enjoy reading stereotypical stories of prison, and life in rough neighborhoods. People who have a religious background would appreciate the. book. Thank you for the reveiw. Thank you for taking time to comment. Life long friendships are hard to maintain as.
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Of life for yours," said she. "We may live roughly, but at least we are free from anxiety. . that?" replied the younger. "Of course our work is rough and coarse. But, on the other hand, it . from childhood tilling Mother Earth, we peasants have no time to let any nonsense settle in our heads. Our. but grumbled, and, going home in a temper, was rough with his family. All through that summer Pahom . to be carted more than ten miles. After a time Pahom noticed that some peasant-dealers were living . and the glittering tires of the cartwheels. At a rough guess Pahom concluded that he had walked three . inflamed his heart still more. He gathered his last strength and ran on. The sun was close to . of it had already disappeared. With all his remaining strength he rushed on, bending his body forward so that.
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