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2019, the story is the first in a series which features themes including romance and self-discovery. At 229 Kindle . herself sane. While discovering an app that includes a chat feature, Elena meets two fascinating new friends who begin to . View: on Bookshelves | on Amazon Your review really sells the book. I like that the author explored multiple sexual orientations, . an attractive feature. Thanks for the wonderful review! I love well-written LGBT characters, this sounds like a really sweet book. I. now, but it sounds like a charming and well-written book. Cheers:) Romance of this type isn't something I . Thanks. It's not very often that I come across books with LGBT characters. I'm not sure that I . by social ways. I didn’t know it was a book about lgbt from reading the title but I probably .
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At once, like a TV show instead of a book. So many books with good potential have been ruined for me . the time when we choose a book, we are probably consciously unaware of why we are attracted to it or not so. quite a few favourites and therefore tend to be firstly attracted to books that display their names! Authors that are unknown to. make or break my decision to read the book. Some books may have attractive covers but they tend to be rubbish stories. . Just a quick thought: They wouldn't put slip-covers on books. but why, for example, if a book is deemed 'chick lit' does it have to feature a pastel-coloured girlie girl cover. ? I've read two books by Irish author Marian Keyes.
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