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And if the ending is a happy one, very very publishable. Honest. Go with it! EEEE!!!! Thanks so much! Maybe when. site. Where are you supposed to publish short stories? I feel like only established authors really publish books full of short stories. Have. you published any? Yes I've sold a couple.
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Right that it's hard to promote your self-published book. (OK, she is right.) But I have to agree. supportive and worked with me to find a publisher for my books (she did) and NEVER tried to exert any. she said has any merit. Research it. Do self-published books ever do anything?Have any successful authors used that. authors who have resorted to self-publishing. Sure, there are some great self-published books out there, just as there are. a lot of terrible books that were accepted by . that I've read plenty of really BAD books published by traditional publishing houses. Granted, they were not full of typos. there. I too have encountered a volley of officially-published books, from the bookstore, that are terrible. One utilized constant.
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See how stating that you will publish the book elsewhere "keeps the door open" for a publishing company. Why not shop it elsewhere. haven't got time" to publish your book [because all our time in the publishing business is spent publishing books that we are honestly more. is positive because the way I understand it, they would publish your book if they weren't already committed to so many. plugging away. “I finished my first book seventy-six years ago. I offered it to every publisher on the English-speaking earth. is an easy let down to tell you that your book has publishing potential, but they have many of those they are. is a biotech thriller, I feel this publisher would be the perfect fit for my book. Congratulations! I know it's not.
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